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Criminal Intelligence Specialist I

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Senior Crime Analyst

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AB109 Intelligence Analyst Wanted – Job Opening, Contra Costa County, CA

AB109 Intelligence Analyst Wanted – Job Opening, Contra Costa County, CA


The Concord Police Department, on behalf of the Contra Costa County Police Chief’s Association, is seeking qualified applicants for a Countywide AB109 Intelligence Analyst. This full-time position, currently vacant, is a contract position funded by the County Chiefs. The salary range is $98,051.20 – $117,894.40 annually. *All working, retired, or former crime or intelligence analysts are encouraged to apply* A more detailed description of the position, including compensation, duties, and qualifications is available online at:

NOTE: The job web link embedded in this email is provided as an informational reference only. Applicants should not use the above link to apply for the position. The current application process has been streamlined instead. To apply, applicants are asked to:

1) Complete and submit a City of Concord Job Application (attached)

2) Submit a current resume/CV

The application deadline is 5:00 PM PST on May 18, 2015. Both documents can be submitted electronically via email (preferred) or hardcopy via mail. Please forward them directly to:

Lieutenant Steve Dyer

Investigations Division

Crime and Intelligence Analyst

Walnut Creek Crime Intelligence Analyst