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Secrets to Gaining Influence and Creating Buy In

  • 17 Sep 2020
  • 9:00 AM
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Many analysts struggle with the exact same challenge - creating a data-driven culture and buy-in within our agencies. We wonder what value we actually bring to the table. We sometimes feel like we are just responding to request after request, with no real depth or analytics. We question whether our products are being optimized or shoved in the trash. Our officers, detectives and even command staff have no idea what we actually do. We don't know what we actually should be doing! We often have a limited vision of our analytical unit and are unsure how to build a data-driven culture that thrives. This creates uncertainty, stagnancy, and keeps us and others wondering about our true value.


Whether you work for an agency with one analyst or 101 analysts... whether you are fully supported by your staff or no one knows your name... gaining influence and creating buy-in must be achieved in order for you to best serve your agency with a flow of communication, quality products, and excellent service. During this workshop, we are going to explore 10 key strategies to build internal partnerships, influence and buy-in that will lead you to a stronger data-driven function and much happier career path!

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