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    • 25 May 2022
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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    Writing search warrants has long been a core skill for sworn law enforcement personnel during criminal investigations.  However, California law permits non-sworn personnel to seek out search warrants in support of ongoing and self-initiated cases.  In this training, analysts and other non-sworn law enforcement personnel will be presented with:

    • The compelling reasons to author your own search warrants;
    • Obtaining buy-off from supervisors, co-workers, prosecutors, and judges;
    • The legal principals behind non-sworn search warrant writing;
    • Search warrant components including the ‘hero sheet’, statement of probable cause, and supporting the items to be seized;
    • Developing and documenting your expertise;
    • Telling the story-how to write an effective affidavit;
    • Determining what to seek in a search warrant;
    • Finding the appropriate service of process information;
    • Proper search warrant service, inventories, and returns to the court;
    • Writing your first search warrant;
    • Search warrant templates and guides.
    Presented by Aaron Edens - Intelligence Analyst, San Mateo County Sheriff's Department

    Aaron Edens is an Intelligence Analyst with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Investigations Bureau.  His prior experience includes twelve years as a police officer with a municipal law enforcement agency with six years as a detective assigned to the Intelligence Division.  Mr. Edens’ duties included money laundering, organized crime, international narcotics trafficking, and internal criminal investigations.  He has been a forensic examiner for mobile devices since 2005 and has completed over 1,300 forensics examinations and authored more than 1,000 search warrants, court orders, and other legal demands for cellular phones, social media services, applications, and financial records.  Additionally, Mr. Edens has testified as an expert witness on mobile devices and location technologies in several California counties and two states.  He is the author of 15 law enforcement books on mobile device, online investigations, social media investigations, and search warrants.

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