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  • 22 Jul 2021 1:33 PM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    SALARY: $83,763.00 - $101,814.00 Annually

    DEPARTMENT: Police Department

    OPENING DATE: 07/20/21

    CLOSING DATE: 08/05/21 05:00 PM

    FLSA STATUS: Exempt


    Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of technical research and analysis of crime patterns and trends in support of the Police Department. Conducts strategic, tactical, operational and administrative studies, staffing and resource utilization and allocation studies, special projects, program evaluation, and training for police personnel on crime analysis. Performs other duties as required.

    This position is based in the Alameda Police Department and is scheduled to work a 4-day, 36 hour compressed work schedule. The City of Alameda offers great benefits including fully paid medical and dental for you and your family and CALPERS pension membership.


    This is a non-sworn class within the Police Department specializing in the analysis of criminal justice information and activities that inform Police Department criminal intelligence. The Crime Analyst may also provide other analytical and technical support to the department. This classification is distinguished from other Analyst classifications in the City by its specialized focus on crime patterns and trends.


    1. Provides accurate, timely, and relevant reports and research findings that includes information and independent analysis related to criminal activity

    2. Develops and updates various computer databases; performs direct input or downloads information from multiple data files.

    3. Performs statistical and tactical analysis related to the recognition and identification of serious crimes; performs mathematical calculations of probability and recognizes patterns on clusters of activity for use by detectives and patrol.

    4. Use a variety of computerized database systems to maintain and obtain accurate criminal activity information and records; analyze and evaluate data fields and test technology applications to identify discrepancies and enforcement issues.

    5. Prepare technical reports of quantitative and qualitative data and make related visual presentations that include maps, charts, graphs, bulletins, and diagrams; prepare integrated sound, text, and graphic presentations, using a variety of geographic information systems (GIS) programs to show criminal activity

    6. Recommends appropriate resource allocation based on research findings that help target high crime areas

    7. Supports patrol and investigative units in the identification of specific and immediate crime problems and the arrest of criminal suspects by preparing valid criminal intelligence

    8. Writes grants, prepares feasibility studies, participates in special research projects, and drafts city council reports

    9. Establishes and maintains contacts with Federal, State and surrounding agencies in order to share information, trends and forecasting in support of community policing and crime prevention programs

    10. Maintains internet and intranet data resources for the community

    11. Collects Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) data and prepares the department’s monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

    12. Assists in the case clearance process

    13. Provides information, operational data, and analysis of departmental budget

    14. Confers with other departments, public officials, consultants and citizens; may make presentations on assigned projects and programs

    15. Provides staff support to committees or commissions or individuals as assigned

    16. May administer various staff functions of the department

    17. May supervise, train and evaluate assigned staff

    18. Performs related duties as assigned

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  • 19 Jul 2021 2:13 PM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: $5,435.22 - $6,978.02 Monthly

    Location: City of Stockton, CA

    Job Type: Full-Time (Regular)

    Department: Police

    Job Number: 0721-05311

    Closing: 8/6/2021 5:00 PM Pacific

    The Stockton Police Department is currently recruiting for the position of Crime Analyst.  The ideal candidate will be able to research, gather, compile, analyze and prepare a variety of data from police reports, arrests and intelligence information.  The incumbent will work a City of Stockton 9/80 schedule; generally 7:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday; 8am-5pm Friday with alternating Fridays off.

    Incumbents in this position are included in the Civil Service system, in a "for-cause" employment status, and represented by the Stockton City Employees' Association Bargaining Unit. (Classified/Represented)

    This recruitment is conducted as an Open/Promotional recruitment for the Police Department. Current full-time regular status, at the time of application, City of Stockton employees may apply for this position as a promotional opportunity, and successful candidates will be placed on a promotional list. All other candidates may apply for this position as an open competitive opportunity, and successful candidates will be placed on an open list. The appointing authority will have the option of requesting names from the promotional list or a combination of both.

    These lists may be used to fill future vacancies.

    Prior to appointment, eligible candidates will be required to submit to and successfully pass a background investigation, which will include fingerprinting.

    Under general supervision, performs crime research and analysis work in support of police operations and investigations; performs related work as assigned.


    This is a professional police civilian class, fully competent to perform responsible and difficult crime analysis and research work. Incumbents are expected to exercise independent judgment in selecting study approach and analytical techniques and making recommendations based upon study results. This class is distinguished from the Administrative Analyst series in that the later performs more generalized administrative support in a variety of City departments.

    PRINCIPAL DUTIES (Illustrative Only)
    • Researches, gathers, compiles, analyzes and prepares a variety of data from police reports, arrests and intelligence information. 
    • Determines analytical techniques and information gathering processes and obtains required data and information for analysis. 
    • Prepares periodic crime bulletins for Police Department and appropriate outside agency dissemination. 
    • Identifies crime patterns, develops suspect information for investigation follow-up and distributes information on crime series and suspects to patrol and investigative staff. 
    • Conducts criminal history searches on crime suspects. 
    • Reviews crime and arrest reports with particular emphasis on robbery, auto/business burglaries, sex crimes and theft; develops matrix to determine correlation between series of robbery or rape cases. 
    • Compiles statistical data for crime analysis section to prepare monthly and quarterly reports. 
    • Responds to requests to research computerized data to locate suspect descriptions, crime elements and similar suspect vehicles. 
    • Matches stolen property with recovered property from arrests and search warrants. 
    • Maintains records of crime analysis data and reports. 
    • May provide work direction and review for paraprofessional and/or clerical support staff.


    Possession of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in criminal justice, business or public administration, law enforcement or a closely related field AND two (2) years of analytical or operational experience in a criminal justice or law enforcement setting. Additional experience in criminal analysis or direct involvement in criminal investigations may be substituted for the college education on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years.

    Acceptable Educational Substitution:

    Possession of a valid Crime and Intelligence Analyst Certificate issued by the State of California, Department of Justice, may be substituted for the college education to a maximum of two years. (Copy of certificate must be submitted no later than  the final filing date.)

    Other Requirements
    Must possess a valid California driver's license.

    Knowledge of
    • Principles, practices, and methods of administrative and statistical analysis; 
    • Business computer user applications particularly related to statistical analysis and data management; 
    • Statistical and comparative analysis techniques and formulae; and
    • Basic law enforcement organization, activities, terminology and regulations.

    Skill in

    • Collecting, compiling and analyzing information and data, evaluating alternatives and reaching sound conclusions; 
    • Preparing accurate statistical and narrative reports of study findings and making effective presentations; 
    • Interpreting and applying laws, regulations, policies and procedures; 
    • Maintaining accurate records and files; 
    • Directing the work of others on a project or day-to-day basis; 
    • Exercising sound and independent judgment within established guidelines; and
    • Establishing and maintaining efficient working relations with those contacted in the course of work.

    The Examination: 

    Applicants who qualify in terms of relevant work experience and education, that best fit the needs of the City, will be invited to participate in the examination process. The examination process may include a written, practical and/or oral examination weighted 100%. However, the City reserves the right to utilize alternative testing methods if deemed necessary. Candidates must receive a minimum passing score of 70%, as determined by the relative performance of all candidates in all portions of the examination. In the event of identical ratings, candidates' names will be arranged in order of application date/time, and, if the same, then arranged alphabetically.


    The information in this announcement concerning the terms and conditions of employment does not constitute either an express or implied contract, and these provisions are subject to change.


    • After on-line submittal, immediate notification will appear on your screen indicating your application has been received.  Please print this notice as proof of filing.
    • Notices and correspondence will be sent via email only.  No paper notices will be mailed to applicants.  It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure a correct email address is provided and that correspondence is received.
    • You will receive correspondence via the e-mail address you placed on your application. Some e-mail accounts have been known to place these e-mails in the spam/junk file. Please check your e-mail folders or accept e-mails ending with

    In accordance with California Government Code section 3100, et., seq., all City of Stockton employees are considered disaster service workers who may be required to report for duty, or remain on duty to address disaster service activities in the event of an emergency or disaster and are required to undertake an applicable loyalty oath. 

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  • 15 Jul 2021 3:25 PM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)
    DEPARTMENT District Attorney
    ANALYST Richard Ng
    DATE OPENED 7/2/2021 12:00:00 PM
    FILING DEADLINE 7/23/2021 5:00:00 PM
    SALARY $43.14 - $52.44/hour; $7,477.00 - $9,089.00/month; $89,726.00 - $109,070.00/year
    JOB TYPE Temporary Exempt

    Position Description:

    Under general direction in the Director of Data, Research, and Analytics, the SFDA Research Analyst is responsible for conducting qualitative and quantitative analytical work in support of the SFDA’s policy and research agenda. Essential duties include but are not limited to:

    • Collaborate with internal and external partners to develop, oversee, and implement research and evaluation projects related to key issues in criminal and juvenile justice, such as diversion, pretrial detention, victim services, hate crimes, and other;

    • Design and implement qualitative and quantitative research projects to support internal operational improvements and policy priorities;

    • Prepare and present written reports, presentations, and statistical reports, including charts, graphs and other data visualizations to attorneys, criminal and juvenile justice system partners, and City of San Francisco decision-makers;

    • Maintain performance measurement metrics and dashboards for managers and executive staff;

    • Study current literature on prosecutorial performance measurement, research methodology, criminology, law enforcement issues, juvenile justice, etc. and make appropriate recommendations for improvements in data-driven prosecution practices;

    • Perform other related duties, as assigned.

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  • 15 Jul 2021 10:35 AM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: Monthly $5,145.00 - $7,226.00; Annually $61,740.00 - $86,712.00 

    Location: 505 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

    Job Type: Regular Full-Time

    Department: Police Department

    Job Number: 202100563

    Closing date and time: 7/26/2021 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana

    The Position: Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of responsible professional, technical, and administrative work across the Police Department, and conducts complex and critical research, evaluation, and analysis of Police specific programs, services, and activities. Specifically, this position will compile and review data pertaining to criminal activity, systematically analyze the data to identify and formulate conclusions about crime trends, and assist in the development of strategies and methods for crime prevention and suppression.
     Ideal Candidates will have:

    • Prior experience analyzing and interpreting data as it relates to law enforcement, crime trends, and data driven and predictive policing
    • Prior experience with applicable or related research software tools, such as: LexisNexis, BAIR Analytics, Geographical Information Software (GIS), and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and automated Records Management Systems (RMS)

     Ideal Competency Profile:

    • Analyzing & Interpreting Data
    • Fact Finding
    • Critical Thinking
    • Dealing with Ambiguity
    • Attention to Detail
    • Using Technology
    • Adaptability
    • Writing
    • Presentation Skill
    • Oral Communication
    • Initiative
    • Self-Management

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  • 15 Jul 2021 9:50 AM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: $76,500 to $82,500 per year (no benefits)

    Office Assignment: Investigative Support Center 

    Duty Location(s): Sacramento, CA

    Close Date: August 16, 2021

    The Investigative Support Center (ISC) of the Central Valley California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (CVC HIDTA) is seeking qualified applicants for a Drug Intelligence Officer (DIO) position in Sacramento, CA.

    This is a contract position renewable on a yearly basis, based upon performance and program continuation. The CVC HIDTA will compensate the DIO with the maximum annual total compensation of $76,500 to $82,500. Benefits are not included.

    Position Description

    The DIO will facilitate collaboration between public health and public safety-led linkage to care, naloxone distribution, and overdose spike responses. This position will support efforts of key partners in the development and implementation of drug overdose information sharing systems.

    The DIO will establish points of contact with key federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement representatives to achieve the following goals:

    • Promote awareness and utilization of the nationwide DIO network;
    • Promote awareness of priority intelligence through coordinated meetings, trainings, and outreach opportunities;
    • Coordinate the use of centralized databases for the timely exchange of information;
    • Identify drug trafficking operations across jurisdictions.

    The DIO will track certain drug arrests and make appropriate notifications.

    The DIO will coordinate the collection and dissemination of relevant intelligence obtained from a variety of law enforcement and other sources to develop a timely and accurate picture of existing local drug markets.

    The DIO will provide analytical and case support for the HIDTA, local law enforcement, and other authorized agencies, such as but not limited to, preparing briefs, written reports, charts, graphs, and link analysis.

    The HIDTA DIO will serve3 as a conduit for interstate requests for information.

    Application Process

    Applicants should submit their resume to the ISC Manager by August 16, 2021. Resumes may be sent by email to If you have any questions, please contact the ISC Manager at 916.879.5694.

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  • 14 Jul 2021 9:16 AM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: Hourly $40.53 - $50.66; Monthly $6,585.72 - $8,232.43; Annually $79,028.63 - $98,789.15 

    Location: San Ramon, CA

    Job Type: Full-Time

    Department: Police

    Job Number: 2021-07-U130

    Closing date and time: 8/2/2021 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana


    The San Ramon Police Department is currently seeking to fill an Administrative Coordinator position with a focus on crime intelligence gathering, crime trend analysis, informational data analysis, and video evidence analysis.  This position will perform various coordination duties within the San Ramon Police Department’s Investigations Division. Designing and executing the San Ramon Police Department’s crime intelligence gathering, including the creation of internally disseminated crime bulletins, and crime trend analysis, will be an integral part of this position. In cooperation with members of the Police Department’s Investigations Division, and other divisions, assist in coordinating the appropriate crime prevention measures and implementing notification programs for members of the Police Department’s Patrol Division to ensure the most efficient use of resources as it pertains to the protection of members of our community and their property. In addition, the analysis of data and video evidence from multiple internal and external sources to assist in the identification of individuals who have committed criminal acts will be a significant component of this position. Also, continual work with the Police Department’s Public Information Officers/Social Media Team to develop public informational releases as applicable to recent crime trends will be required.

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  • 23 Jun 2021 12:58 PM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: $24.56 - $34.33 Hourly

    Location: Ventura, CA

    Job Type: Full-Time Regular

    Department: Police Department

    Job Number: 20-00225

    Closing: Continuous

    The City of Ventura is hiring!  We have two immediate vacancies for the position of Criminal Investigative Technician I/II with the Ventura Police Department. Come join our team as we align our workforce to better serve our community together – they're counting on us.

    The Criminal Investigative Technician I/II are non-sworn ("civilian") positions which perform routine (I-level) or complex (II-level) and specialized investigative liaison duties involved in the enforcement of municipal, state, and federal criminal laws in support of the Police Department's investigative functions. This position performs criminal investigations under the direction of sworn personnel and assists sworn detectives in the preparation of cases by completing administrative and research functions. Criminal Investigative Technician I/II may be required to testify in court and may be subject to emergency call-outs on weekends or evenings as necessary.  

    The ideal candidate for this position Is organized, detail-oriented and excels working as a team player. This person Is highly proficient in the latest criminal analysis and investigative techniques and possesses excellent computer, report-writing, and oral presentation skills. The ideal candidate has proven interview skills and responds diplomatically and tactfully to people of diverse backgrounds, in adverse situations.

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  • 16 Jun 2021 1:05 PM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: $7,887.79 - $10,128.07 Monthly

    Location: City of Stockton, CA

    Job Type: Full-Time (Probationary)

    Department: Police

    Job Number: 0621-05282

    Closing: 7/23/2021 5:00 PM Pacific

    Under direction or general direction plans, manages, and coordinates the activities and work of the Records, Property, Evidence/Identification, Telecommunications and Crime Analyst Sections of the Stockton Police Department; performs other related duties as assigned.

    PRINCIPAL DUTIES (Illustrative Only)
    • Directs, manages, and reviews the work of assigned staff engaged in support and/or technical law enforcement work to assure operations are performed in accordance with departmental policy and procedure and applicable state and federal laws.
    • Provides specialized support services and supervision within assigned area.
    • Develops and directs the implementation of goals, objectives, programs, policies, procedures, and work standards for the section.
    • Participates in staff selection and provides direction in professional development.
    • Researches, analyzes, recommends, and implements current industry best practices and technological advances as applicable to assigned area.
    • Represents the Department in dealings with the public and other governmental and private agencies and businesses.
    • Makes decisions on behalf of the Department in the absence of superiors in accordance with departmental policies, rules, regulations, and procedures.
    • Prepares and reviews reports, correspondence, recommendations, and other types of departmental records and documentation concerning the activities of the assigned area.
    • Develops and/or administers section budget; monitors and authorizes expenditure.
    • Provides technical guidance and assists in resolving complex issues.
    • Manages various analytical studies; prepares reports, correspondence and a variety of written materials.

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  • 20 May 2021 3:57 PM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: $4,628 - $5,625 Per Month

    Closing: Open Until Filled

    Under general supervision, performs administrative and technical duties to provide analysis and data evaluation to the Ukiah Police Department for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of police operations and informed decision making. Ensures the integrity and security of evidence; performs responsible technical and office support duties related to evidence identification, collection, transportation, preservation, and other related duties.

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    To apply for this job please submit the City’s application form and any supplemental materials to

  • 29 Apr 2021 8:56 AM | Jillian Goshin (Administrator)

    Salary: $69,921.90 - $84,990.26 Annually

    Location: Woodland, CA

    Department: District Attorney

    Job Number: 2020-00152

    Closing date and time: Continuous

    Description: Under general supervision, performs a variety of professional analysis and validation of crime and intelligence data, information and activities; develops comprehensive and reliable predictive and descriptive reports for tactical and strategic use; provides assistance to detectives, investigators, administration and prosecutors; coordinates information sharing to appropriate outside agencies.

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