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No Code, No Problem: Analysts don’t need to learn to code, they just need ChatGPT

  • 18 Jul 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Zoom
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Unlock the full potential of your analytical toolkit, whether it includes Excel, PowerBI, ArcPro, Access, Tableau, i2, or other intelligence analysis tools. These platforms have always had associated coding languages that analysts could use to exponentially improve their products; however, Until November 2022, mastering coding for these platforms demanded extensive study. Enter artificial intelligence, and the game has changed. This presentation is your guide to leveraging ChatGPT, a free resource that empowers analysts of all technical levels to enhance their capabilities across any analytical tool.

Delving into the most widely used analytical tools and their associated coding languages, we explore the transformative impact of coding in MS Excel, where formulas and Visual Basic coding unlock powerful data cleaning and automation. In PowerBI, the mastery of DAX formulas allows for unparalleled customization. Python and SQL emerge as versatile languages for intelligence analysis tasks, and this presentation introduces these concepts, highlighting how ChatGPT eliminates the need for extensive coding study.

Drawing on real-world examples from the presenter's experience consulting with  local law enforcement agencies, participants will actively engage with practical demonstrations. Regardless of technical proficiency, every participant will leave having generated custom code they can use with their preferred tools to streamline various intelligence analysis tasks. More crucially, attendees will gain insights into optimizing ChatGPT as a potent force multiplier within their analysis units. Elevate your analytical prowess without the coding learning curve – ChatGPT is now your personal developer. 

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