Gun Crime Intelligence Specialist III (Sacramento)

18 Apr 2022 10:07 AM | Dana Boss (Administrator)

Gun Crime Intelligence Specialist Level III (Sacramento): Eagle Harbor is an emerging specialty consulting firm focused on providing innovative strategic planning, project development, and management solutions. We are a subsidiary of Three Saints Bay, LLC and owned by the Village of Old Harbor, Kodiak Island, Alaska.


The CGI Specialist assist in identifying armed violent criminals and members of violent gangs and criminal organizations who are involved in shootings, violent criminal activity, or firearms trafficking which require investigation. Specialists are needed to support NIBIN sites with the timely entry of ballistic evidence into NIBIN and, on the back end, assist in pooling intelligence across NIBIN results and other sources to quickly prepare leads for investigators. Specialist are required to perform a series of duties that include analyzing, drafting reports and sharing information to assist colleagues in development of crime gun intelligence; correctly identifying and tracing firearms through the ATF e-Trace system; utilizing NESS for daily entry of local Record Management System (RMS) event information associated with ballistic evidence entered into NIBIN; reviewing results; and reporting on success stories.

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